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A Real egész jól nyomja

ezt a “földön fetrengünk és fájdalmas fejet vágunk” sportot.

Pepe is a truly ridiculous individual, perhaps the worst footballer who ever lived. Watching him play, if you can call it that, is a deeply unpleasant experience. He was fairly challenged by Kroos in his own half on the left and, of course, he threw himself into the air and started rolling around, unable to believe he hadn’t been given a free-kick, acting as if he’d been the victim of an egregious assault. Bayern keep attacking and Real are down a defender. But when Lahm looks around to make sure Pepe is okay, the eedjit, who was about to get up once he realised Webb wasn’t interested, dropped back to the floor again and Lahm knocked the ball out of play. A few words come to mind, most of them containing four letters.

Guardian közvetítése elég szórakoztató

Oké, eljutottunk a Holdra meg ilyenek,

de a Google Maps illetve a Street View akkor is a legmenőbb dolog, amit az emberiség létrehozott.